The Cathedral Girona

The Cathedral Girona, located in a high point in La Força Vella, where in times of its foundation there was a Roman temple, is the result of a variety of styles. From the Romanesque building that substituted the temple survive the cloister and a part of a tower called “Carlemany”.

The nave is 22,80m, the widest in the worldly gothic architecture, although unfortunately the overview is distorted by the presence of the organ. Inside you can admire the altarpiece and the baldachin so as the tombs of the countess Ermessenda and Ramon Berenguer II. In the chapterhouse museum other treasures are exposed like the famous Creation Tapestry (11th Century) and the Beatus book(10thCentury).

Girona Apostols Public Square

Girona Cathedral View

Girona Cathedral Tapestry Creation

Girona Cathedral Stairs

Girona Cathedral Interior

Girona Cathedral Cloister