Sant Feliu

Sant Feliu was during some time the city cathedral. It was built between the 12th and the 14th Centuries. It has a peculiar and slender architectural style and a gothic nave with a chapel devoted to the city’s patron saint “Sant Narcis” with his tomb.

Inside the church you can see some early Christian tombs (2nd-4th Centuries after Christ) and a lying Christ considered a masterpiece in the Catalan gothic sculpture.

¨Sant Narcís” and the flies: In September 1286 the king of France Philipe III and his army besieged Girona and when the troops came into the city they behaved very shamefully, stealing and mistreating Girona’s citizens to the point of assaulting the churches while they mocked some of its cult objects.

In the middle of such a mess, they profaned Sant Narcís tomb kept in the collegiate church of San Feliu, breaking its arm and destroying the remaining.

It was in this context that, according to the legend, from Sant Narcís body appeared some giant flies that started to beat the French soldiers and its horses furiously causing a general stampede and many deaths.

Girona Sant Feliu Interior

Girona Sant Feliu Stairs

Girona Sant Feliu entrance

Girona Sant Feliu Bell Tower

Girona Sant Narcis Tombs

Girona Sant Feliu Street

Girona Fly