Natural environment

Placed where four rivers converge and with a big part of its territory categorized as Nature Reserve, Girona city has a wide variety of landscapes that make up the ideal setting to participate in active tourism and enjoy the nature.

Devesa park

The biggest in Girona, from the Middle Ages. It holds sportive facilities, the Palace of Fairs, the Auditorium and the Congress Palace, the open market on Tuesdays and on Saturdays. During Sant Narcís (the patron saint of the town) festival and fair it is where the different stands and attractions are located.

Even though the last years some other green areas have been added, The Devesa park is still the real greenbelt of the city. Most of its almost 3.000 plane trees are from the Napoleonic rule and they make up a massive and magnificent tree ensemble. On Sunday, locals used to go to the park looking for peace and cool on hot summer days. Today is not as common as before but this former paradise preserves some of the charm of an ancient grove. The gardens inside the park with its calmness and tranquillity are worth a visit.

Girona devesa park

Ribes del Ter Parc

Following the river course from Fontajau to Pont Major.  Leisure and walk spot, remarkable for its zoological richness. In the area where is the Sports Pavilion all kind of playful, cultural, sportive activities take place.

Girona Ribes del Ter park

Stone route

This route gives the chance to know the former quarry made up of calcareous sedimentary stones and fossils as the nummulites from 50 million years ago, material with which most of the buildings of the city have been built. The route begins in the stairs of access to the wall from the children’s garden and after passes by the tower of Socors until the tower of the General Peralta leading to the Ferradura track, from where and old quarry can be contemplated.  Taking a stony path you reach the Alfons XII tower where this route ends and you can have a great overlook of the city.

Girona stone route

Sant Daniel Valley

This valley is located in the most occidental part of the Gavarres mountain and the street with this name, where is also the Sant Daniel monastery, is the starting point for many routes where you can enjoy the landscape, panoramic views, little tracks and fountains like the Pericot, Fita, dels Lleons and del Ferro. (PICTURE: Font del Ferro)

Girona Sant Daniel Valley

Sant Miquel mountain route

The route starts in the Sant Pere de Galligants monastery  and after having passed near the thousand-year-old Sant Daniel monastery follows the natural protected space of the Gavarres. If you diver from the main path you can reach the Ferro fountain which water is spicy and has a strong mineral taste which gives its name (ferro is iron in Catalan) The circuit follows along the path near the Miralles stream, crossing a bridge with the same name and ends in the top of the mountain where there are castle of Sant Miquel ruins.

Sant Miquel