Girona events

Although Girona is discreet, hard-worker and not very party-inclined by nature, it also knows how to enjoy to the full its leisure and/ or traditional moments. Here we will highlight what could be considered the most remarkable events of the year.


The tradition of this popular character called “Tarlà” is genuinely local. The story goes back to the Middle Ages when the city had to endure the plague during the 15th and 16th Centuries. A non-documented account says that in one of this plagues a farmer entertained with games and acrobatics the neighbours who were confined in quarantine in Argenteria street. Many years after a toy dressed as a harlequin was hung to immortalize somehow the memory of that courageous man. This is the “Talrà” from the legend that goes around nowadays in the Spring Festival.


In Good Friday the procession of the holy burial takes place where the different brotherhoods  participate with their correspondent steps (Crucified Jesus, Pure Blood, Pains, Jesus and the Children, Holy Burial, Silence) going over an itinerary which has as starting point and ending the cathedral of Girona. Some years ago it could still be seen bare food under the clothes and the sound of the chains carried by some penitents. Nowadays is very unlikely to see any fulfilment of a former promise, although the procession preserves a deep and serious tone of religiosity.

The distinguishing trait of Girona procession respect the others is no doubt the presence of Roman soldiers, here not called the “armed” but “Manaies” When the bell rings ten o’clock, the first “Manaies” cross the main portal of the cathedral and initiate this way a route that lasts approximately two hours. After midnight, in both sides of the cathedral staircase the different brotherhoods let the soldiers pass by, creating one of the most spectacular images of the procession. There is a moment specially moving when the “Manaies” carry out the Star and the Wheel and the different groups cross over themselves biting their spears on the pavement.

On Holy Wednesday the “Manaies” go over the streets of Girona to deliver the “Penó” to the “Penoner d’Honor’s”house where they give him the insignia and he keeps it until the day before the procession when it is picked up and the parade takes place in the streets of the city.

Girona procession

Girona roman soldiers

Flowers time

During May , usually the second Saturday of the month and until the next week’s Sunday, the festival Temps de flors is celebrated . This flowers exhibition started in 1954 when some women from the Seleccion Femenina de la. Falange organized a first flowers exhibition in the “Saló de Descans” of the Municipal Theatre.

From 1958 the exhibition was moved to Sant Pere Galligans Romanesque monastery but since this space was needed to be used as a museum the scenario changed again and from 1985 it was moved inside the Gothic nave in Sant Domenec where it was again necessary to emigrate due to the needs of Girona University. Fortunately, all this made inventiveness to be developed and in 1992 the City Council decided that the exhibition should have an itinerant character around different squares, streets and monuments of the old town. With the passing of years some private yards have been added, forgotten spaces, renovated hideouts, all together making possible that during ten days Girona becomes some kind of playful window display where the millenary stones and the perishable flowers coexist with the music and the color of a lively and changeable city.

Thousands and thousands of visitors from Catalunya, Spain, France and other European countries visit Girona during the flowers exhibition. During these days many flower compositions are organized, decorative settings where known artists participate, flowers, photography and window shops competitions. It is recommendable to visit the exhibition during the week because on Saturday and Sunday there are usually long queues to visit the most important settings.

The entrance to all the monuments, houses, yards and other spaces of the city where there are flowers exhibitions are totally free.

Girona flowers time

Girona flowers time

Girona flowers time

Girona flowers time

Fairs and Sant Narcis Festival

The fairs in Girona are celebrated in October, the same date when the Patron Saint “Sant Narcis” day in the 29 takes place and they last until All Saints’ Day. The festival starts the Friday before Sant Narcis with the reading of the opening speech from the city hall balcony, which is usually delivered by someone or a gorup involved in the city life. The same day a solemn mass takes place in Sant Feliu square where there is the chapel with the Saint’s mortal remains.

The saying “Per Tot Sants, tots a Girona” (“In All Saints’ Day, everybody to Girona) is made a reality every year. The streets of the old town are also filled with the Drawing,  Antiquities and Artisans fairs. Plenty of visitors walk peacefully along the streets and the squares with curious looks in front of such a diversified display.
The most remarkable acts of this festival are the “Trobada de Gegants” (giants), la “Diada Castellera”(human castles)  and the singing of “Havaneres” by the Terra Endins band. The last Sunday after November the 1st, the closing takes place with the traditional fireworks from the Ter river in the Fontajau area.
These days The Fairs Trade is installed in the Palau Firal in La Devesa where the visitor can see farmer machinery exhibitions, vehicles, furniture, services and a long etc, and get a glimpse of the commercial and industrial diversity in Girona counties.

In the Devesa Parc many attractions are installed, probably the biggest concentration of this kind that takes place in Catalunya. The area called La Copa is filled with stands managed by different local entities that selling sandwiches and drinks get the extra income they need for their associative purposes. When night comes, this space becomes the favourite place for the young ones thanks to the programming of many interesting music show.

Girona Sant Narcis Fairs

Girona Sant Narcis Fairs

Girona Sant Narcis Fairs