Girona, a city to be discovered

The intention of this web of Girona that you have in your hands is to cover an existing gap in this area of city information, focussing in a very special way in the new technologies world. For this reason, some brief, concise, understandable texts have been prepared with enough information so that the visitor can grasp the reality of a city that warmly receives him. All together with an amazing photographic report which often expresses better than words an specific content of the city.

This guide expects to be pioneering in this format but at the same time to be innovative in its conception. For this reason, the user will find in it those essential references,  all the first level touristic appeals, the museums and the practical information that is customary in any city guide, but also other facets of a less known Girona and less typical of a tourist but still interesting and attractive.

The Historical City

The Jewish Girona

The Misterious Girona

The Sinner Side of Girona

Girona by Pla

Masó's Girona

And also...


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Natural environtment

Read about natural environtment of Girona
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Game of thrones

Read about some recording scenes in Girona
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